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    Introducing yourself to collegiate coaches in a style and format that they desire is the most effective way to realize all of your recruiting potential. Nobody does this better than Athlete Recruiting Services. We help you attain the incredible recruiting results that you have earned.
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  • Serving All Levels of Collegiate Athletes

    NCAA D-I, D-II, D-III, NAIA, and Junior College recruits all deserve to realize thier opportunities. Athlete Recruiting Services helps all levels achieve recruiting sucess.
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    Focus your efforts to achieve the best results. Athlete Recruiting Services lets you decide which of the thousands of coaches in our data base your profile gets sent to.
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    Our data base has 26,457 college coaches. Introduce yourself today. ARS maximizes your athletic scholarship and collegiate potential.
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FREE College Sports Recruitment

Specializing in Division II and Division III athletes.

To get recruited, you need to be noticed by college coaches.

We are a small organization that is challenging the system. Our intention is to help even the playing field for those that may not have the privledge or opportunities that others enjoy. 

You can do this all on your own or you can use Athlete Recruiting Services to help make your college recruitment a reality. What you need to do is introduce yourself directly to collegiate coaches.  

Your student athlete profile email to each coach should include:

  • a short reason for applying to that particular program/school
  • athletic accomplishments
  • academic accomplishments
  • community service
  • referral letters
  • picture
  • game and/or skill videos
  • and other specific and relevant information if needed 

First, decide which level of program, NCAA DI, DII or DIII for example, and what region or regions of the country that you want to send your profile to. Then contact the college programs directly.

Regardless of resources or history, this is your chance to level the playing field.

Get educated by using our FREE links to NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA as well as Collegeboard, Peterson's and US News to help keep your collegiate research up to date. We provide the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete on our free resources page. 

Coaches can only offer roster spots and scholarships to athletes that they are familiar with and they don't have the time to search the web looking for you.

We are the only FREE college sports recruiting website!